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In 363 days it is 2020! Wait wait wait!!!!!! Mamma miaaa! But it just turned 2019. Yes, yes, I know. And three days ago it was only 2018. Yes, yes, yes, I did not miss that either. Ok ok. First things first. Happy new year! And happy first Thursday of 2019!

As I am drinking my coffee, enjoying...

As I am lying in my bed not feeling very well, I finally have time to do some writing.
The other night I couldn't sleep. This was frustrating as I had been working 28 days in a row... I was super duper mega tired and I REALLY REALLY needed that good night sleep - if I would ever be...

Now is spring


Today is the 1st of March and it is officially the beginning of spring. What is happening? Minus 15 degrees and heaps of snow everywhere is not exactly the most accurate representation of the new season. However, it is still spring. I like spring. I love how the sun was shining so beautifully today, and that it would warm my...

I have a million reasons
to stop
I have a million reasons
to look
I have a million reasons
to smile
I have a million reasons
I have a million reasons to look the other way,
to find an excuse
I have a million reasons to forget what was,...

I am lying in my bed and my legs are tired. The snow is falling beautifully and I am covered by my warm duvet. My hair is wet and my room is clean. I am lying in my bed and I am thankful. Thankful to experience the change of season, thankful that there is a time for everything.

Not yet


Alive now
In this moment
You don't know what the future holds
If it holds anything
What "might" happen
You don't know
Where will you be?



When living life we encounter questions.
Sometimes they are essential.
Sometimes they are neither valuable nor necessary.
Sometimes we ask what seems like the wrong questions.
Other times we are told "There is no such thing".

When we ask a question, what are we really questioning?
Does the question come from knowing?

What do I do now?

After the ending.
Before the beginning.

What should I say and who should I say it to?

«I am flying away from the life I just lived»

Who was I when I departed?
Who will I be when I arrive?
Will I learn how to fly once I touch the ground?...

Today I woke up, but I am not quite sure I did. I woke up and the first thing I read was that Adam passed away last night. It cannot be true, and therefore I must be asleep. I do not want to believe it, and I cannot fathom it. He was supposed to come back. He was getting better....

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