Moving through


Last week I attended my fifth and final gathering at the University in South-Eastern Norway. Studying dance- and movement therapy this year, has given me more than I thought it would. All the amazing people, the meetings, the smiles, the movement and the seminars. All the dances and the reflections shared. Moving through life and allowing life to happen between the meetings. I feel incredibly thankful for this one year study!

When I decided to apply for this study whilst drinking a cup of coffee with a friend about a year ago, I didn't really know why I had decided to do it - all I knew was that I felt it gave me a sense of direction. Now I know that the study would take me all sorts of directions, and that somehow the journey would lead me back to myself.

When I arrived at school on Friday, I was exhausted. Life is happening, and everything seems to be happening at once lately. Suddenly I was sat in the circle with my classmates, and I didn't know how a year had already passed. Suddenly I was sat there, preparing to take in the last bit of teachings before we were heading home to do our final exams (On a side note: we have three weeks to write our final dissertations, but I don't know how I will be able to do mine!!!! There doesn't seem to be enough time! Ouuuf - I should be writing it now, but now I am writing this instead... ouf ouf ouf! I am kind of hoping the pages will write themselves, and I am also kind of trusting that they will).

When I was sat there in the circle, I didn't really know how I would be able to take in any of the information given, as I felt my head was already exploding with experiences from the past week. And then something amazing happened. Instead of collapsing through the weekend, I was able to move through it. I came home so so tired on the Friday, but managed to clean, reorganise my room, cook dinner, do a few hours of office work and take a long bath. Instead of collapsing in my bed and being unable to move, I moved. I let my worries about the past week go, and I focused on re-settling. And then I moved through the rest of the study-weekend. And now another week has passed.

Today I am trying to move through life with a bit more ease. I have a cold and many many many (too many) things to do. I am trying to remind myself that it can be energising to move - even when I don't feel so good. I am also trying not to do too many things. Even when it feels impossible to slow down, I remind myself that I always have a choice to do so. I am still learning to say no to make space for more yes'es, and I am trying to say more yes to myself.

I am wishing everyone a beautiful weekend, and if you have ever considered doing a study in DMT, I would highly recommend it!

Big hug from the artist who will now get ready for the rest of the day.

Lag din egen hjemmeside gratis!